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Free shipping North America for orders $100+ | Free Customization

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Where everything is customized for freedom!

About Us

Hurriyyatee, arabic word for “My Freedom”, is an initiative by a group of Palestinian graphic designers and artists residing in diaspora, intended to give back to our needy families living in refugees camps by bringing together cultural elements in the form of Palestinian art and pack them into crafts and goods that are useful for people.

These crafts and goods range from customized garments and decoration items to handmade traditional embroidery Tatreez products,  jewelry and art pieces, available for purchase at our online Palestinian art shop.

Although Hurriyyatee is not your regular capitalist corporate and has a cause much deeper than making money, it does not mean a compromise on quality. We at Hurriyyatee are not only putting up some products for sale, we are also standing up for a cause.

We realize that any flaw in quality or service would reflect poorly on the cause, and that is a cost Hurriyyatee is not willing to pay for anything. We have strict quality control criteria that ensure each product displayed at or dispatched from our store provides utility and value to our supporters, with high manufacturing quality.

Another highlight of our products is that one does not have to be a native Arab to understand it. Anyone with empathy for humanity will find our Palestinian art shop’s products heart-touching and creatively appealing.

Check out our big variety of original designs and order some very unique cool products for you and your friends and family.

Buying from Hurriyyatee will:

  • Offer a chance to show global engagement with the Palestinian people and all the oppressed nations worldwide.
  • Give you an easy way to show love and support for Palestinians as well as help others in need. We’re currently partnering with “Islamic Zakat Society”. 20-50% of the profit is used to support needy families in refugees camps with food products currently in Gaza and Lebanon, hoping that with your support we’ll be able to help more needy families around the world.
  • Get the word out on the street about what is going on in the occupied Palestine and other places in the world.
  • Broadcast a message of peace, love and support for all in Palestine and all over the world.

If you would like to invest in customizable clothing, accessories and other customized home and living products that can be used to help raise awareness of the atrocities taking place in Palestine and other places in the world, then please check our weekly growing collection of products including t-shirts, hooded shirts, gift mugs, wall clocks, pillows, face masks, phone cases and more. Pick from our ready designed products or let us create any design idea in mind.

For special design requests or any questions please email us at: [email protected]

Our Vision

What really sets Hurriyyatee apart from other similar online stores is the vision of its founders. The core team of Hurriyyatee consists of several designers and artists who believe that empathy has a voice that can silence any canon. It has a range that can gently pass through flesh and blood and reach the heart to convey a message that is hard to explain in words.

With this vision, our founders decided to come together to contribute their expertise in craftsmanship and pack it into pieces that can be a statement for people who want to see the world as a better place. It resulted in the creation of some cool products that can make any person look woke, stylish and modern with subtle hints of arts, culture, creativity and humanity.

Our vision is to use these products on dual-level. The first level is to raise awareness regarding the injustices that the world is facing and make people aware of the Palestinian culture and how Palestinians are suffering.

On level-two, we want to send the lion’s share of Hurriyyattee’s earning to Palestinian refugees camps to provide food, medicine and other essentials to those in need.

Our Story

They say that humanitarian art has no boundaries, and it can penetrate through the thickest of the walls and travel over the vastest of distance as long as there is a heart on the other end to receive it.

The story of Hurriyyatee is the story of the young blood of Palestine that feels the gravity towards its roots, along with many supporters who overrule the ideas of cruelty, barbarism, and use of force for any purpose.

The story begins with a group of Palestinian designers and artists realizing how heavily they are influenced by social injustices around the world, especially in Palestine. Hurriyyatee began the day our core team realized that they cannot separate this influence from their art and want to use it to raise awareness about the core issues in the world, particularly Palestine.

The idea matured as we started getting admiration for those subtle elements and how people appreciated our products for having deeper meanings that were close to humanity. With so many people resonating with the message and wanting to have a share in the thought, the only thing remaining was to create products that could allow anyone to add their bits to the cause.

Hence, Hurriyyatee was created as a Palestinian folk and art shop, bringing together social statements, cultural elements and utility under one roof for those who care, feel and empathize.

Our Mission

Hurriyyatee has a mission to raise awareness worldwide by embedding cultural creativity into useful, meaningful and cool products.

You will find each of our products to have a touch of culture along with a statement. These elements will be brought together in the form of complex art from.

Our mission with this approach to create our products is to help the contemporary generations better understand the Palestinian culture and be able to connect with the humanitarian side that has been alienated in today’s world.

But the support you will provide by buying our products will not only be elemental, but it would also be practical. Hurriyyatee will donate food for every order placed to our families in refugees camps.

Hurriyyatee is partnering with the Islamic Zakat Society – Gaza to ensure the transparency of the process. Islamic Zakat Society is one of the most prestigious names serving those who are suffering.

Our Products

Hurriyyatee has a complete range of different original items to offer, each with a twist of unique tradition, folk or art and an element of social statement.

  1. Garments:

You can find garments including t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, trousers, hoodies and head wears for men, women, and kids. Each of our garment items is made of the finest available fabric with special attention to the comfort and durability of our products.

  1. Home Decor and Accessories:

You can also find items for house decoration and daily use, such as customized wall posters, drinkware, decorative pillows, etc. Some accessories that we offer include stationery items, face masks, phone cases, and bags.

Each of these products has a premium-industrial made for enhanced performance.

  1. Art Pieces:

Besides these items, we also have some hardcore Palestinian art, such as different types of paintings, digital and visual art pieces, and traditional calligraphy, done by famous Palestinian artists worldwide. You’ll have the option to purchase a high resolution vibrant printed copy of their art or directly buy their original piece.

By shopping from Hurriyyatee, you will not only get original unique products, but you will also be supporting those in crisis in Palestinian refugee camps.

Management Board

Chadi Bahij

Chief Executive Officer

Karl Walter

Chief Financial Officer
Chief Sourcing Officer
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